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Experienced Video Production Company

We are an established Cambodian film and video production company founded in 2009 (formally known as 391 Films)
We produce video content with vision, style and passion.

As one of the first creative content production companies in Cambodia, our portfolio features groundbreaking feature films, TV show, music videos and TV commercials for some of the largest brands and companies in the Kingdom of Cambodia – including ANZ Royal Bank, Cellcard, Yamaha, Metfone, Sabay,to name a few.

We are now ready to embrace challenges and to produce quality, creative and entertaining content for all platforms (Cinema, TV and digital platforms) and all markets (local and international).

Broad areas of expertise

What we do

Create and Develop Creative and Entertaining Contents for Cinema, TV and Digital Platforms

Creating and developing films/content ideas
Writing scripts and developing films
Producing films/content for above mediums
Line producing (work with international projects)
TV series and shows
Digital short content, series, shows

Pre-Production Works

  • Screenplay, script, storyboard & visualization production planning, budgeting & funding production
  • Team & partners hiring and assembling casting
  • Arts and design
  • Locations sourcing
  • Script breakdown and shooting schedule
  • Permits & authorizations
  • Coordination with government organizations & bodies

Production Works

  • Logistics, transportations & booking of accommodations
  • Catering & craft services
  • Sourcing and providing of fixer, translator, other production personal & professionals
  • Sourcing and providing of camera, lighting and motion equipment

Post-Production Works

  • Sourcing and providing of post-production house (local and international) music and score composition
  • Motion graphics, after effects and CGI
  • VO recording, ADR, foley works, sound mixing & mastering


Knowledge of the Market & proven track record

We were involved in the production of 5 feature films: Comfortably Lost, Kroab Pich, Poppy Goes To Hollywood and In The Life Of Music
Weʼve produced a extensive numbers of TV commercials, music videos and video content of all sizes and all types
Weʼve produced a dozens of creative in the past, focusing on the experience, for major brands like Mild Seven, Tiger Beer, Nokia and Leo Beer
Weʼve been involved in the production of successful TV serie and magazine, and a music competition show
Weʼve given our support to a couple of dozens of Foreign TVs and films

Productions and crews, some connected to very big brands and big products

And because of all the above, and the experience we have accumulated over the last years, allow us to have extensive knowledge of the Cambodian and South-East Asian Markets. We have worked with and for some of the largest companies in the country and oversea, with most of them recommending us to others, and this is a true evidence of the success of our works.

A passionate production company

Being in the Cambodian production business for almost a decade now, we partner with some of the best film professionals, from editors, to directors of photography, to animators, motion graphics people, to fixers and production managers. We are able to provide the best people locally or internationally, according to your production requirements, size and budget. We also support the smaller, younger but talented production crew by partnering with them on smaller projects. We are known to have trained and groomed some of the best films professional of the industry, giving opportunities to many beginners and providing the industry, and even our competitors, with more qualified and experienced crew members. 802 FILMS is also connected with Cambodiaʼs first alternative and creative music label KLAPYAHANDZ, which for more than a 12 years now has been bombarding Cambodia with some of the coolest contemporary music to date. KLAPYAHANDZ is able to provide the edgy local sound you need to spice up any of your productions.

Creative & Innovative

We are about Ideas, Stories, and Concepts. We love Films, and we want to entertain our audience. We take every production opportunity an opportunity to learn and to help create and produce films that are engaging, creative, memorable and if possible, contain positive social messages. We are not only about beautiful visuals, but we are about stories that can hook the audience, Ideas that can change perceptions of the people, and Concepts that can be ground breaking or mind blowing. We believe in the power of Ideas, and we believe in the power of Films in potentially helping make our World a better place. Therefore, we are taking our job very seriously in a very enjoyable way. 

Happy Clients
Working Hours
Who are we?

Meet the genius team


Sok Visal

Creative Director / Executive Producer

Sok Visal is the founder and Creative Director of 802AD. He has been passionate about Arts, Films and Music since his young age. Visal also known as “Cream” grew up in the 80ʼs on Hip Hop culture and cult Horror and Sci-Fi movies by the Hollywood Masters. He was a Art and Creative Director for a couple of prominent Advertising Agencies in Cambodia…

Meas Sreylin

Associate Producer

Sreylin Meas is an independent freelance filmmaker with over 8 years of experience in the Cambodian film industry with local and international crews. Sreylin trained under the award-winning Lebanese producer Katia Saleh and the French assistant director Marie de Busscher…

Steven Gargadennec

Unit Still Photographer

As a photographer, after over 15 years in Asia dealing with Fashion, Sports Events, and Cultural Exchanges, Steven developed a great eye to capture the right moment matching any kind of client’s requirements.
These exquisite skills allow him to get involved into major events, either Cinema or Music productions and brands…

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